The most popular meat throughout the Country is janjetina(lamb,)and many roadside restaurants display a whole lamb roasting on a spit.But young tender meat is served in countless ways,from simple grills to the savory Peka - food is baked for several hours in an iron bell buried under glowing embers.

Svinjetina(pork,) -spit roasted is common  place at Istrian Fairs.

Many of Croatia's religious and folk holiday festivals are traditionally associated with a particular dish.BACCALA(Salt Cod,)for example,is eaten on Christmas Eve and Good Friday.KULEN(Spiced Salami,)is a Harvest Thanksgiving dish,and GUSKA(Goose,)served with Chestnuts is a St.Martin's Day treat.

The Turkish occupation,over 200 years ago,has left behind a legacy of grilled meats and kebabs,SARMA(Cabbage leaf stuffed with rice and mince,)BUREK(Filo pastry tube filled with meat or curd cheese,)and BAKLAVA(Pastries filled with nuts and drenched in sweet syrup.)Coastal specialities include BRODET(Fish stew with Polenta,)CRNI RIZOT(Cuttlefish ink risotto,)and LIGNJE(Squid,)served lightly fried in breadcrumbs,or NA ZARU(Grilled whole.)

Deserts include Palacinke(pancakes,)and various strudle filled with tresnja(cherry,)Sir(creamed cheese,)and Jabuka(apple.) Sladoled -(Croatian Ice Cream,)is also popular,and is better than the Italian stuff!

 Recipe:FRITTERS,serves4-6.INGREDIENTS:250g/9oz. flour.1 sachet baking soda-DOLCELA.1 sachet Vanilla sugar-DOLCELA.200ml/7fl.oz yogurt.2 eggs.1 apple.granulated sugar for sprinkling.frying oil.PREPARATION AND COOKING TIME:60 minutes.Blend the eggs,yogurt and vanilla sugar into a smooth mixture.Mix the flour with the baking soda and add gradually to the blended eggs and yogurt mixture.Leave the batter to rest shortly.Before frying,add grated apple to the batter.Form balls with spoon and fry in a well heated deep-frying oil.Place the fried fritters on absorbent paper kitchen towels.Sprinkle with granulated sugar and serve!

 There are over 400 known species of fish in the Adriatic sea,for which Croatians have devised a wide repertoire of recipes.Such as : STUFFED SQUID. Serves 4.INGREDIENTS: 1.20kg /3lbs squid.400g/14oz fresh tomatoes,or canned plum tomatoes.60g/2oz half-cooked rice.1 egg.50g/2oz grated cheese.50g/20z prosciutto.1 clove garlic.150g/5oz white bread without the crust.100ml/4fl oz milk,1 teaspoon VEGETA,100ml/4fl oz white wine.100ml/4fl oz fish stock.50ml/2fl oz olive oil.chopped parsley,salt.PREPARATION AND COOKING TIME:60 minutes.Clean and wash the squid,dry and season with salt.Dip bread in the milk.Take the bread out of the milk and drain.Cut the squid tentacles and prosciutto into small pieces and mix with the bread,rice,egg,grated cheese,chopped garlic,chopped parsley,and VEGETA.Mix the ingredients well and then stuff the squid with the filling.Close each squid with a tooth pick.Place in an oiled saucepan,fry shortly.Pour over the white wine and cook until the liquid has evaporated.Add the cubed tomato and the fish stock.Cover and saute for about 20 minutes.Take the stuffed squid out of the pan,arrange on a serving platter,and pour over the sauce.Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve with boiled potatoes.

SUGGESTION:Do not stir the squid while cooking,just shake the saucepan occasionally.

 Also Shellfish,salads of octopus and potatoes,scented with garlic and local olive oil.Mussels from Lim Channel.Wild Asparagus April to May, and quality Truffles,from Istria. In Istria, travel the "Vinska Cesta" or Wine Road.An area of Konoba(Inns),Restaurants,and Wine tasting houses.

VEAL LIVER BERAM:Serves 4.INGREDIENTS:600g/1lb 5 oz veal liver.200g/7 oz onion.1 green pepper.1 yellow pepper.4 leaves green head lettuce.salt,pepper.30g/1 oz butter.2 tablespoons olive oil,100ml/4fl.oz beef stock.1 sprig basil.PREPARATION AND COOKING TIME:30 minutes.Cut the veal liver into thin slices and saute in a heated mixture of butter and olive oil.After 10 minutes add finely chopped onion and the green and yellow pepper cut into strips.Saute all the ingredients over a low heat,adding the beef stock occasionally.Arrange the cooked liver on heated plates together with green lettuce leaves cut into strips and seasoned with salt,pepper and fresh basil leaves.You can serve pureed potatoes with this dish.

SUGGESTION: If you do not have beef stock,you can place a crushed PODRAVKA beef stock cube into the liver and vegetable mixture,adding hot water occasionally during the cooking process.

CROATIAN PANCAKES.Serves 4-6. 250g.INGREDIENTS:Flour.3 Eggs.250ml Milk.250ml Mineral Water.Salt.Frying Oil. FILLING:400g Fresh Cottage Cheese.3 Eggs.120g Sugar.Lemon Zest.300ml Sour Cream.Mix the eggs with a pinch of salt in a deep bowl,adding flour and milkand mineral water gradually.Bake the Pancakes.Cover pancakes with filling on one side only,without spreading,and roll them up.Arrange them in a buttered heat-resistant casserole and bake in the oven.Serve Hot.(One serving amounts to 249/1046Cal/J.)Filling:Mix the egg yolks and sugar until fluffy,add the grated Lemon Zest,the strained Cottage Cheese,and the egg whites whisked into peaks.Fold in gently to get an even mixture. 


PORK CHOPS SAMOBOR STYLE(Serves 4-6)INGREDIENTS8 Pork Chops(about 800g.)4 Tablespoons Oil,Garlic,Parsley,Flour,Salt.Beat the Chops with a Pounder,make cuts along the edges of each,salt and dust well with flour.Fry them in hot oil for 5-8 minutes on each side,sprinkle with chopped garlick.Place them on a hot platter.Pour a little water into the saucepan and let the sauce boil briefly.Pour the sauce over the fried chops.Serve with boiled potatoes sprinkled with parsley.(One serving amounts to 551/2314Cal/J.) 

ICE CREAM CAKE WITH FIGS.INGREDIENTS 400g/14 oz vanilla ice cream, 6 ripe figs.50g/2 oz roughly chopped chocolate.50ml/2 fl oz almond liqueur.

PREPARATION AND COOKING TIME;90 MINUTES.Clean 4 figs,cut into cubes and sprinkle with almond liqueur.Place in the refrigerator and allow to chill for 1 hour.Spoon hald the ice cream into the cake tin,cover with fig cubes and sprinkle with roughly chopped chocolate.Cover with the remaining ice cream.Cut into thin slices and decorate the cake with the remaining figs.Place into the freezer and allow to freeze well.

Take the ice cream cake out of the tin and serve.You can serve with whipped cream and pine nuts. 


PILCHARDS IN ALE-BASED BATTER. Serves 8.INGREDIENTS.1KG/2lbs Pilchards.180g/6oz Flour.300ml/11oz Ale.Salt.3 Eggs.Frying Oil.1 teaspoon VEGETA.


Clean the Pilchards,remove the heads,slit open and remove the bones.Dry and season lightly with salt.Place the flour into a bowl,add the ale,oil,salt,egg yolks and VEGETA.Fold in gently with a spoon and leave to rest for about 10 minutes.Beat the egg whites to peak stage and transfer to the bowl holding the batter.Fold in gently.Dip the Pilchards into the batter and fry in hot frying oil.After the batter becomes light goldern remove the Pilchards from the frying pan and place them on absorbent paper kitchen towels to remove excess oil. Serve with Tartar Sauce.

SUGGESTION; When you have removed the bones from the fish you can sprinkle the fish fillets with lemon juice.