The Tie:-Croatia can claim to have invented one of the most well-known of men's accessories,the tie,or cravat.

The tie actually originates from a type of scarf worn by Croatian cavalrymen to distinguish them from other soldiers during the 30 year war which took place in Europe during the 17th Century.

The French took to referring to this particular way of tying the scarf as "a la cravate,"meaning "in the Croatian way".

Since that time the tie, or cravat,has become a standard symbol of smart,elegant dressing for hundreds of millions of men in the world.

The production of ties in Croatia today,is still of a very high standard,and a tie,would make a highly appropriate souvenir,of your visit, especially when in Zagreb!


The Fountain Pen,was invented by Eduard Slavoljub Penkala,an engineer from Zagreb.In 1906,he patented a mechanical pencil,and a year later,a pen with a reservoir of ink,called the "mechanical pen",which revolutionized the way people wrote.

The inventor opened the first factory for the production of fountain pens in Zagreb in 1911.Within a short period of time it became an enormous success and developed into one of the most important manufacturing centres for writing instruments,producing fountain pens which were exported all over the world.


Lucky Jewellery:-There is one item of Jewellery which can only be found in Croatia,or more precisely in Rijeka.This is a small Moorish Figurine(morcic) .The figurine,in the form of a black character wearing a turban,was originally produced as earrings,but today you can also find tie-pins and brooches.It has become the symbol of the city,and in 1991,it was proclaimed the mascot of Rijeka.

A legend dates the origins of the figurine to the city's unexpected liberation from a Turkish siege during the 16th Century.It was shown that a determining factor in the victory was the contribution of the women of Rijeka and it was said that their men decided to give them a gift of special earrings made to represent the invaders who had been forced to flee for their lives.

The morcic,more likely originated in the 17th & 18th Centuries,as a local reproduction made from poor materials,of a figurine set with stones,which was very popular with Venetians.The figurine represented the connections between Venice and the East,and the mystery that this part of the world symbolized for them at the time.

The figure became a symbol of good luck among the Istrian people,and since that time,it has become more lavish,so much so,that its production has become the preserve of goldsmiths.The body of the figurine,is traditionally a glazed ceramic.Precious stones, if requested,may be used to decorate this figure.

Hydro-Electricity.The first Hydro-Electric Power Station in Europe was built at the KRKA National Park. In 2014 it closed,and now has become a Museum featuring its working life. 

Bottled Drinking Water: Croatia is the third Country in The World,to export bottled water.Mostly to the U.S.A.(Sweden & Norway export more,)